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Gorilla 6" Smanimal (Grape)

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Discover the world of softness with our 6-inch scented plush animals (Smanimal), made from super soft plush material that promises superior softness. Each Smanimal is 6 inches tall in sitting position and carefully packaged in bags to ensure ultimate freshness upon delivery.

These adorable scented plushes come in a variety of animals, each with its own unique and delightful scent. Perfect for hugging, collecting, or gifting, these Smanimals are sure to put a smile on your face with their irresistible softness and charming scents.

  • 6 inches tall in sitting position
  • Scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years
  • Super soft plush material for superior softness
  • Shipped in bags for ultimate freshness
  • Plush: W 5.5" x H 6" x D 4" (W 14cm x H 15cm x D 10 cm)
  • Packaging: W 5.5 " x H 7" x D 5" (W 14 cm x H 17.8cm x D 12.7 cm)


  • Grape