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Plush Crush (Series 4: Prehistoric 3-pack)

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Plush Crush Series 4—surprise-packed plushies that offer endless excitement! Begin the fun with a throw puzzle ball revealing a surprise bag, and discover one of six adorable plush prehistoric characters. Each plush includes a bouncy ball for extra playfulness—throw it to see how high it bounces! Keep the excitement going by rebuilding the puzzle ball repeatedly.

The 3-pack includes an elastic strap with each plush, ideal for hanging on your backpack. Collect all 6 characters and proudly display your Crushie Crew wherever you go! For longer-lasting enjoyment, throw the puzzle ball against a soft surface like carpet or grass to cushion the impact. Join the fun with Plush Crush Series 4—an irresistible blend of surprise and play!

  • Throw puzzle ball to reveal 3 of 6 adorable plush prehistoric characters
  • Bouncy ball inside each plush for added playfulness
  • Rebuild the puzzle ball for endless fun
  • Each plush has an elastic strap for hanging on backpacks