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  • Plush Crush Series 3 Pixie, Flamingo, Bee, Unicorn, Leopard, and Mosnter Plush next to purple, black, and blue wrapped plush crush ball with a Tillywig Toy Awards Badge
  • Plush Crush Series 3 Blue and Green Pixie, Hot Pink Flamingo, Yellow and Black Bee, White Unicorn, Green and Blue Leopard, and Pink Mosnter Plush
  • Plush Crush Series 3 White, Pink, Purple, Grey, Black, and Blue wrapped Plush Crush Balls
  • Plush Crush Series 3 Bee, Monster, Leopard, and Unicorn Plush on the Black Backpack and Pixie and Flamingo Plush next to Black Backpack
  • Plush Crush Series 3 (3-Pack) Awards
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Plush Crush Series 3 (3-Pack)

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Plush Crush Series 3 (3-Pack):

What’s Plush Crush? It’s a hangable plushie accessory inside a rebuildable puzzle ball. Throw and collect all of the Crushie Crew! Which one will you get?

Each 3 pack contains 3 Plush Crush balls. Collect the Unicorn, Leopard, Monster, Queen Bee, Flamingo, and Fairy!

Recommended Use: Throw against the carpet, grass, or something that will somewhat cushion the impact. This will help prolong the toy's lifespan so you can reassemble it over and over again!

  • New Series 3 Edition with Plushies!
  • (1) Throw puzzle ball to reveal suprise bag (2) Open surprise bag (3) Collect them all!
  • You can re-assemble and play over and over again!
  • Each random plushie comes with an elastic strap to hang on your backpack!
  • There are 6 characters, get them all!
  • Tag this product and more of your favorites with #PLUSHCRUSH.