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Snuggle Bugs: Snail (Cinnamon Roll)

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Indulge in the comforting aroma of cinnamon roll while cuddling with this cozy snail.

Introducing Snuggle Bugs – not your ordinary plush toys, but delightful aromas encased in adorable bug forms, perfect for cuddling. Each Snuggle Bug comes nestled within a whimsical cardboard terrarium, adding to the fun of unwrapping and discovering your new cuddly companion. Whether you're in the mood for a fruity, zesty, or comforting scent, Snuggle Bugs promise a delightful sensory experience for all ages. Collect your favorite scent/style or embark on a journey to explore a variety of aromatic adventures.

  • Gourmet scented plush bugs perfect for snuggling
  • Packaging Box: W 5" x H 4" x D 4.75" (W 12.7 cm x H 10.16 cm x D 12 cm)
  • Plush: W 4"-5.3" x H 3.7"-5.7" x D 6"-8" (W 10.1 cm - 13.5 cm x H .6 cm - 14.5 cm x D 15.6 cm - 20.5 cm)


  • Cinnamon Roll